Warranty Request for Shredder Repair


Warranty Request for Shredder Repair


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your HSM paper shredder. Your paper shredder does have a 3 year (Classic-Securio) 2 year (Pure) warranty covering parts and labor for any manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover the clearing of paper jams or mis-use by the operator. Please be aware that opening up the shredder housing top will void the warranty.


Service process:

Machine will be brought back to our facility; our service department will inspect the unit.  If factory defect is found, the machine will be repaired and returned to you at no cost.  However, if machine is in need of repair because of a customer induced issue, for example, overloaded with paper and jammed or lack of lubrication you will be quoted $115/hour labor + parts and shipping to return the machine.  

The shredder must be returned in the original box and packaging. HSM will provide box and packing materials if needed as well as a Fed Ex return label for all machines being returned for warranty service.


Please fax or email back a completed and signed copy of this document.  Proof of purchase may also be required if the machine is still within warranty.


HSM Customer Service Rep:                                                                       



Receipt of this form confirms acceptance of the HSM warranty procedure and will authorize the machine to be brought back to HSM for service.


We wish to sort this matter out as quickly as possible so we can minimize the inconvenience. 

Thank you for choosing HSM for your shredding needs.


HSM Customer Service


I __________________________ understand and agree to the conditions and procedure detailed above.      


Signature: ___________________________________                  Date: ______________________




Service Hotline Phone # 800-613-2110 Fax # 484-237-2309  

Email address – customerservice@hsmofamerica.com




Warranty Request for Shredder Repair


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Is this machine still within warranty:   _____Yes    _______No


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