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HSM - Pure 740 max Shredder

HSM - Pure 740 max Shredder

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HSM - Pure 740 max Shredder

Unwavering Performance Meets Volume: Designed for rigorous in-house data destruction, the Pure 740 max delivers exceptional shredding capabilities with its broad feed-in aperture suitable for formats up to DIN A3.

  • Unyielding Steel Blades: Boasting induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers, it promises durability while seamlessly handling staples and paper clips. The lifetime warranty stands as a testament to its endurance.

  • Waste Bin Flexibility: Introducing alternative waste bin compatibility – a mobile 240-litre bin, compliant with DIN EN 840 standards (note: bin not included in the package).

  • Consistent Cutting Efficiency: Integrated external oiler ensures optimal cutting performance round the clock.

  • Relentless Operation: The potent motor promises high-volume cutting and continuous, reliable operation.

  • Whispered Excellence: Its quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance, ideal for maintaining a peaceful working environment.

  • Eco-Friendly Standby: The energy-saving standby feature kicks in when the shredder isn’t at work, preserving power.

  • Advanced Jam-Prevention: The specialized paper feed with overload protection minimizes jams and guarantees a steady paper processing rate.

  • User-Centric Safety: Prioritizing user safety, a gentle press on the safety element halts paper feed, safeguarding against unintended access.

  • User-Friendly Controls: A straightforward operation – it powers on when paper is fed and stops post shredding.

  • Superior Construction: Features a high-grade wooden cabinet adorned with a door and a steel-reinforced base plate for enhanced durability.

  • Efficient Waste Distribution: The particle distributor ensures even dispersal of shredded material for efficient waste management.

  • Stable Footing: Enhanced stability is provided by its glide feet.

Technical Specifications:

  • Order Number: 2373113X
  • EAN: 4026631075657
  • Shred Type: Particle cut
  • Cut Dimensions: 3/16" x 1 1/8"
  • Security Standards (DIN 66399): P-4
  • Sheet Capacity (80g/m²): 20 - 22 sheets
  • Energy Consumption: 700 W
  • Voltage & Frequency: 110-120 V / 60 Hz
  • Entry Width: 15.75 inches
  • Bin Volume: 63.4 gallons
  • Collection Capacity (80 g): 2950 sheets
  • Noise Output: Approx. 56 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 26.38" x 30.87" x 53.03"
  • Weight: 168.43 lbs
  • Accepted Materials: Tailored for paper, staples, and paper clips.
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