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HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro Vertical Baling Press

HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro Vertical Baling Press

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Efficient Waste Compaction in a Compact Design

Discover the space-saving capabilities and efficient performance of the HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro vertical baling press. This innovative waste management solution offers a low transport height and a range of advanced features for optimal waste compression.

Key Features of the HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro:

  • Sliding Door: The upper half of the doors is pushed down for filling and automatically opens after the compression process
  • Hand Wheel Door Lock: Easy-to-handle counter-rotating thread for quick opening and closing
  • Compact Design: Low installation height and small footprint
  • Versatile Compression: Suitable for both cardboard and film
  • Automatic Start: Pressing process begins automatically after closing the door
  • Optimized Compression: Massive press ram and extremely robust press plate guidance
  • User-friendly Display: Convenient membrane keypad with text display, showing the machine's current status
  • TCS Technology: HSM TCS (Torsion Control System) monitors press ram movement
  • Manual Bale Strapping: Continuous polyester tape for secure bale strapping

Technical Specifications for the HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro:

  • Order Number: 6152303
  • EAN: 4026631063562
  • Pressing Power: 25 tons
  • Specific Pressing Power: 37.7 psi
  • Driving Power: 6.44 HP
  • Voltage / Frequency: 480 V / 60 Hz
  • Cycle Time (Idle): 39 seconds
  • Volume Throughput (Idle, Theoretical): 619 cu ft/h
  • Loading Height: 37.7 inches
  • Loading Aperture (W x H): 47.05" x 21.26"
  • Bale Dimensions (L x W x H): 47.24" x 30.71" x 27.56"
  • Bale Weight: 617 lbs
  • Machine Dimensions (W x D x H): 67.28" x 49.13" x 93.31"
  • Weight: 2711.68 lbs
  • Consumables Type: Strapping Tape
  • Press Material: Plastic Film, Mixed Paper, Cardboard

Upgrade your waste management operations with the compact and efficient HSM V-Press 825 Plus Pro vertical baling press. Its innovative design and advanced technology provide optimal waste compression in a space-saving package.

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