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HSM Powerline SP 5088 0.07" x 0.59" 3x400V Shredder/Baler Combination

HSM Powerline SP 5088 0.07" x 0.59" 3x400V Shredder/Baler Combination

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HSM SP 5088 0.07" x 0.59" 3x400V Shredder Baler

The HSM SP 5088 features quality shredding and powerful pressing capability. Shredding with proven efficiency, the sturdy gear motor offers a chain drive system for maximum throughput capacity. Accepting 200kg per hour, the HSM 5088 tears through approximately 12-130 sheets. This well integrated system features sophisticated cutting unit technology, tried-and-tested for reliable data destruction. Built with a high level of user safety, the HSM 5088 features an emergency stop-rail on the front of the loading table. Your operation can be halted immediately if a situation arises. An extremely wide loading table accommodates your materials while the electric conveyor pulls your items into the shredder. The cutting rollers are made of solid steel, strong enough to destroy paper, three-ring binders, cardboard, CDs, and more! Your once whole materials are transformed into tiny, 1/16" x 9/16" particles. These level 4 pieces move from the shredder into the baling unit, where they are collected in the filling hatch. The photoelectric cell detects the shredded waste and automatically begins the pressing process. Non-confidential documents and cardboard pieces can be separated and inspected in a different hatch. As bales are formed, they can be strapped manually with polyester tape. Standard equipment includes a polythene bag attachment and 5 plastic bags. An integrated, automatic oiler lubricates the cutting head during operation, decreasing manual user maintenance. Durable mobility casters are sturdy enough to move this beast of a machine around your warehouse or production area. The HSM SP 5088 weighs a massive 3946 lbs. (1790kg).

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